Recent and Current Projects

 Our Chair, Michele Little, following the ethos of our founder Lucille Munro, and an understanding of 
‘front line’ involvement in the work of caring for our clients
– allied to her business and financial skills - enables her to oversee the day to day efforts of current therapists, and to guide the development of the organisation in all the right directions. Here she personally outlines some of the current and recent London based projects on which we work:-

St Mungo’s is a well known charitable organisation caring for the homeless, and they have witnessed over many years the benefits of Munro’s therapies. St Mungo's continue to believe in and fund our work. Each hostel supports a different client group; some for short and others for longer stay homeless people, who may for example be suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. They are always pleased to see our therapists who make them feel special and enable them, through treatment, to relax and talk openly about their life stories and health issues.

Every week for over a decade we have delivered treatments to a number of St Mungo’s hostels.

Our Open Age clients are cared for as individuals, mostly at Ernest Harriss House. Other individual clients are referred to us, for example through our partnerships with other health professionals at centres such as the Half Penny NHS Clinic.

Munro Health is a professional body, committed to caring for those who may not be able to afford or find access to complementary health treatments,  Smiles and fun accompany us, and

our dedicated therapists bring not only relief of symptoms but also a lightness of touch

so needed in a harsh world, which does not always do enough to support the disadvantaged in our society. 

Thanks to funding provided by Queens Park Community Council, we worked at  Ernest Harriss House, Juniper House and St. Charles 

between May and December 2019 to provide complementary health care to local residents who are mostly elderly. 

Genesis Housing Association is another organisation which has learnt to value the work and contribution to well-being provided by Munro Health. They fund treatment for their sheltered home residents in the Paddington area. At both Ernest Harriss House and Penfold Community Hub we have our own therapy room, again with our own hydraulic couch; and the Scheme managers are fully supportive and appreciative of our work.

Our 4 Wards project covering Church Street, Hyde Park, Maida Vale and Regents Park, ran from February to June 2019 and it was a wonderful experience and opportunity for us all!


On behalf of the Penfold  and Ernest Harriss House staff and all of the clients that have participated in the programme, we would like to thank you for your services.


It's made such a different in our clients well being and we have received such great feedback from them and their loved ones and GP’s! We hope this can continue in some shape or form in the future.


It was Big Lottery Funding which first allowed us to work at the Kilburn based

John Billam

Day Centre,

for people with severe learning or physical disabilities. Our kind and caring therapists bring support, relaxation and both physical and emotional relief to the people to whom they lend their skills and expertise.


Measuring Outcomes

At the conclusion of particular projects the Team Leader prepares a full report, and clients complete an end of treatment  assessment.

These record the enthusiasm and appreciation of disadvantaged groups for the support provided by complementary health treatments.These records are kept securely and confidentially.


“The shiatsu I have enjoyed for several sessions with your Munro therapist has accounted for noticeable improvements in my physical posture, easing of shoulder and muscular pain, and better circulation. In short, shiatsu has been of paramount importance for my particular conditions, and provided a service of impeccable quality.” – Douglas


“The Munro Health team do important and highly valued work for a significant number of deprived people at the Food Bank. I myself have had treatment which helps to maintain the movement I have in my total shoulder prosthesis, and is also an important part of my pain and stress coping strategy.” – George



We live in an era of inexorable appetite for proving ‘value’, often before we have even made a purchase! Consider how we are wooed into making ordinary shopping decisions because it has been ‘proved’ that it is the sharpest, wisest and most prudent thing to do. It is as if we have lost the ability to simply know that we are buying a product in which we intrinsically believe.

Time spent watching Munro Health therapists at work with disadvantaged patients would always convince a fund holder that his funding is being put to the very best of uses. Glance at out testimonials page, for example.  However, we have grasped the nettle, and put in place the standard ‘MYMOP’ outcome measurement system, in order to collect evidence and data, both for our own records and for funders and future funders.

MYMOP (‘Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile’) aims to measure the outcomes that the patient considers the most important. At the first client consultation, the Munro therapist helps the patient to identify one or two dominant symptoms that are considered to be the most important, and to describe an activity of daily living which is limited or prevented by these symptoms. These choices are written down in the client’s own words, and the client scores them for severity over the past week according to a six-point scale. General wellbeing is scored similarly.


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