Ivy Billard


It is with with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of our long-time friend and supporter Ivy. 


"Ivy Billard was a friend and colleague of Lucille Munro MBE, the founder of the Munro Health charity. Ivy has always enjoyed complementary treatments and wanted the benefits she enjoyed to be shared by those less able to receive such sessions.  Ivy became a trustee in 2007 and offered her house as the venue for Munro's monthly Board meetings. She provided food and drink and a very warm welcome, she took over this role when Lucille had become too frail and deaf to do this. She even introduced us to her nephew Tim.


Ivy was a formidable supporter of Munro Health and older residents in her ward Queens Park. It was down to her that Munro Health was given ward funding, because she saw a leaflet that advertised "Bright Ideas" needed, when local residents were told they could put their ideas forward for funding.  I witnessed her emphatically tell the finance committee that - the young have their clubs and teams, dog owners get their free poopy scoopers and "what do the older residents get?" the older residents would greatly benefit from receiving free complementary treatments in a local venue from the Munro Health.  She gave a list of benefits such as staying in their own home for longer, no coincidence that Ivy passed away in her own home thanks to her family. We got the ward funding and this has continued to this day, thank you Ivy.  At various meetings such as the Westminster Senior Citizen Forum meetings she has stood up to "look at me, I am over 80 and look this good because of receiving complementary treatments!"  She was amazing." Rita Taylor, former Chair of Trustees.


"Her house was always open to therapists for chats or advice over a cup of tea. She had a lot of good friends for her age. Ivy was certainly a wonderful supporter and friend to Munro Health." Tabitha Robertson, Trustee and Therapist.

"She was a lovely lady and I’ll never forget her ecstatic reaction to her first Indian Head Massage!" Jerry Snell, Therapist.

Ivy's funeral will take place on Monday 2nd December at Kensal Green Crematoriam at 12 noon, and afterwards at the William IV pub on Harrow Road. As was so typical of Ivy, she requested no flowers but asked for donations to be made to Munro Health instead. Thank you, Ivy!


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