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Neal's Yard


The partnership between Sheepdrove and Neal’s Yard has enabled us to continue treating needy people who are over 55 or unpaid carers from a wider area than our other project funders allow. Our office has kept a database of people who previously had to be turned away as they didn’t fit our existing criteria. Applicants will benefit from a maximum 6 x60min sessions of individual complementary treatments of either acupuncture, massage, reflexology or shiatsu. After completing the course of treatments applicants will need to wait at least six months before being seen again. This will enable other people to benefit from the project. 


The project will focus on residents over 55 and unpaid carers of any age living in Kensington & Chelsea.  We will also consider other vulnerable groups such as single parents, refugees, and residents with mental health conditions (anxiety, depression...) of any age. Including residents for health or well-being reasons eg recovering from stroke, cancer etc


This project will run until August 2023


Treatments are free. Donations are welcome


Older people with long-term conditions and people with mental health conditions such anxiety or depression, are more likely to experience a significant impact on quality of life, and restriction in economic and social opportunities leading to social isolation, risk behaviours such as alcohol or substance misuse, poor diet and lack of physical activity. We have a team of experienced practitioners that will ensure high quality, person-centred care, with the aim to reduce the risk factors for, and improving the management of, long term conditions but also focusing on prevention and early intervention. 

The project will encourage awareness of health issues empowering the participants to live a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices, including diet, physical activity and avoiding risk behaviours (such as smoking) and also enabling self-management of conditions and independence. In general the project could encourage older residents to live independently for longer in their own homes. On the other hand, the positive interactions with our practitioners will increase mental and physical health and wellbeing reducing loneliness and encouraging them to leave the house and socialise. 

We will offer a range of therapies with each own different benefits and we will ensure to give the resident the most appropriate service for his/her case. Our practitioners work as a team and they know if they need to refer to another therapy if needed.


We will be working at Neal's Yard on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Neal's Yard

9 Elgin Cres,

London W11 2JA


Jerry Snell is the team leader of this project:

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