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Meditation Class

Peabody Community Fund

status: Running: from June 2021 to June 2023

Munro has started a new project for Peabody residents delivering
individual sessions in Acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy, Massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu, as well as advice on a range of aftercare and exercise classes. The priority target group is the over 60s, unpaid carers, or any other disadvantaged individual or group living in Dalgarno Gardens or other Peabody residents and local residents.
More info.

Holding Hands

Church Street Neighbourhood Keepers

status: Running: From June 2022 to April 2023

The service will be inclusive but focusing on the over 50s, unpaid carers, those with mental health or other medical issues or anyone who needs the support of this service who live in Church St. ward. We want to encourage participants to refer service to friends, family or neighbours who they think would benefit from our service. We will work with Denis Kane, the manager at Penfold Community Hub and volunteers wherever possible. We have a long standing relationship with Penfold and hold our Board and Therapist meetings there, as well as running other projects there. More info.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Neal's Yard

status: Running: From March 2022 until August 2023

The partnership between Sheepdrove and Neal’s Yard has enabled us to continue treating needy people who are over 55 or unpaid carers from a wider area than our other project funders allow. Our office has kept a database of people who previously had to be turned away as they didn’t fit our existing criteria. We are also continuing to give treatments to the Grenfell survivors which has been particularly rewarding as we have built up a strong relationship with the families at this very difficult time. More info.

Food Packing

Imperial Health Charity - Compassionate Communities 2021

status: finished for now (Restarts in September 2022)

Munro would introduce the project of complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and shiatsu to disadvantaged local people in North Westminster and North Kensington & Chelsea. The project will focus on residents who are accessing services provided by North Paddington and Venture Community Association Foodbanks, including those older members or medically vulnerable members of society who have been shielding throughout the COVID period. This is important after the lengthy pandemic when people need to be encouraged to come out again for positive steps for their physical and mental health without fear.. More info.

Image by Ekta Agarwal

Queens Park 2019

status: finished for now

The aim of this project is to benefit the health and wellbeing of Queens Park residents by providing complementary therapies.

26 Queens Park residents will benefit from 3 x60min or 4 x45min sessions of individual complementary treatments of either acupuncture, massage, reflexology or shiatsu

The project will focus on residents over 60 and unpaid carers of any age living in Queen's Park ward but we will also consider other vulnerable groups such as single parents, refugees, and residents with mental health conditions (anxiety, depression...) of any age. More info

Senior Therapy

Harrow Road

status: Yet to start

Munro Health is dedicated to the provision of complementary health care to disadvantaged groups or individuals experiencing poor health, social exclusion, poverty, or being unable to access such a service privately. Their aim is to transform lives of local communities by providing positive health and well-being opportunities. They offer complementary health treatments for free or at a heavily discounted rates for residents of Harrow road ward. More info

Senior Physiotherapy

Genesis Wellbeing Matters 2019

status: finished for now

Munro Health will provide 40 Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) residents an initial free consultation to decide the most appropriate therapy for them. The treatments will be delivered mainly at Ernest Harriss House or Penfold Community Hub. Both are NHG sheltered housing schemes, where Munro Health uses a dedicated therapy room with a hydraulic couch in both. We have built up good working relationships in both venues, one is free other and the other is at discounted rate. Each participating resident will receive three hours of treatments. The benefits could help improve general mobility, wellbeing and address certain mental or physical issues. In both NHG schemes there are other activities during the week so the managers hope the increased footfall will increase the participation. More info.

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