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Peabody community fund (Dalgarno)


Our project will promote cohesion and identity with Peabody and a more positive attitude towards where residents live. We will strive to capture "the hard to reach groups".


The service will be people over 60s, unpaid carers, or any other disadvantagedindividual or group living in Dalgarno Gardens or other Peabody residents and local residents.  Peabody Estate, Dalgarno Gardens, W10 5JE

Each participating will be able to have up to 3x45min sessions with the same therapist. Each client will have a confidential consultation with a complementary therapist who will discuss any medical conditions presented to ensure there are no contraindications for having a treatment and which treatment to refer them to.


We will start the project on June 2021 and will last for two years. 


Treatments are free. Donations are welcome


From experience Munro has demonstrated the participation of our services can make a significant impact on how people feel more positive and how they participate in their local communities more. Many clients are older, or unpaid carers who have become more isolated from the community and welcome the opportunity to have a different social opportunity. Often clients enjoy "unloading" their problems particularly if living alone or being an unpaid carer and bonding with a therapist who they get to know and trust and have a positive professional relationship with. It can be easier to talk to a "stranger" in confidence than their family. Therapists would refer the clients to other professional bodies where appropriate. We anticipate the reports could show the following benefits and outcomes for the project:
- People feeling valued and empowered about their health
- People feeling increased sense of community and become more involved in their
- Increased feeling of more positive well-being
- Awareness of maintaining better physical and mental health, increased physical activity
- Decrease in isolation and risk of isolation
- Increased access to services within the community and outside
- Possible reduction in pain and therefore increased mobility
- Earlier referral to GP where relevant
- Possible reduction in prescribed painkillers
- Possible reduction in stress, feeling more relaxed, therefore more likely to be able to address negative issues such as sleep deprivation etc.


Dalgarno Peabody Tenants Association Meeting Rooms


This project is funded by Peabody Community Fund 2019/20



Nazan Garcia is the team leader of this project:

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