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A Big Thank You to Imperial Health Charity & their Compassionate Communities Team

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Imperial Health Charity for the provision of funding for this project and allowing Munro Health to deliver such benefit to the local community. As our Chair Michele Little noted, we were delighted to be awarded this grant and excited to get to work on the post COVID recovery plan.

Our charity has been running since 2002 and we pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver excellent service to parts of the community that would not normally experience this service were it not for funding from organisations such as Imperial Health Charity. This project reiterated the benefit to the local community with many people being able to experience a complementary therapy for the first time in their lives and share their experience with others. We have also built strong relationships with new service providers and are now looking at how we can continue our work together.

The overriding response we had from clients within the community was how grateful they were and surprised they were that they could get something as beneficial as complimentary therapy for free. It meant that people were able to experience something they might or might not have heard about and feel that their community was being supported by a large organisation such as Imperial. We believe that a lot of health and mental health benefits were passed on to the community at a time when the ability to contact and meet a medical practitioner was extremely limited. Many were grateful enough to convey their experience to friends and family and some of the poorest people in the community felt valued again.

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