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Thames Walk on 25th March

Munro Health 20th Anniversary Thames Walk 2023

In September 2022 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Munro Health being founded by Lucille Munro. We are now gathering together to raise much needed funds for our charity. This is our first major fundraising event post-pandemic and was last held in 2019. We shall be walking along the Thames Path from Putney to Richmond, approximately 16 km/ 10 miles, an enjoyable and invigorating stroll open to all to join. Please refer to our website for further information and the rescheduled date. We look forward to meeting and walking alongside you in the new year.

Why donate to Munro Health?

Munro Health provides complementary therapies to those people in our local area who simply cannot access such services eg older people with chronic health conditions, unpaid carers, foodbank users, Grenfell survivors. COVID has left many people isolated and vulnerable. Being able to give someone a little bit of space for themselves to be looked after and to help them manage their health conditions is more important now than ever. Munro Health is reliant on people like you donating to our cause. Your generous support enables us to reach out to those vulnerable people who will benefit from our treatments. Thank you to everyone who donates to our cause.

Plan and expected results

In 2019 we raised an extraordinary £2,500. This year we hope to do even better. After 20 years of supporting our local and often neglected communities we hope to be still serving them in another 20 years. Your Contribution Help us raise funds and make 2023 a better year for our communities by donating and supporting our Thames Walk on 25th March.

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